Millrose On TV

The Ben Stiller Show

Video - 1.79MB

In this clip Ben impersonates Arsenio Hall on a bad day. I am part of the two-man band in the background- right corner. John Zonars is on guitar. It's the only time I've ever worn black leather pants and a black leather vest.

The Daily Show

Video - 1.99MB

This 60 sec. clip served as the "end credits" piece for a Daily Show special. It was shot entirely at Millrose Music and features composer Larry O'Keefe (Batboy) as the "Producer", yours truly as the "Engineer" and comedian Mo Rocca as "Talent" in the vocal booth. There's a great shot of my left sneaker.

Saturday Night Live

Video - 5.6MB

During the Persian Gulf War my friend John Zonars (Music Coordinator for SNL) said SNL needed a mock keyboard and bass player to "back-up" Adam Sandler as part of an ensemble piece (lots of young talent). I'm on the left playing keys with fellow musician Bruce Henderson on the right playing bass.